Frequently Asked QUESTIONS

All Of Your Questions Are Important To Us!

  • 1. What's the catch?

  • There isn’t one!  Our vision is to make Healthcare Affordable, Accessible, and Convenient for Everyone.
  • 2. Is this health insurance?

  • This is not health insurance and we make no statement to that effect.  This is a membership based virtual care network for unlimited video and phone visits with doctors and master therapists + discounts on prescriptions of up to 80% off.
  • 3. What are the hidden fees?

  • There are No Hidden Fees. No Surprises! Never any unexpected Bills! Your monthly membership fee includes unlimited phone/video visits to any of our network providers which covers you and up to 7 dependents. You can even pay annually and save more if you like.
  • 4. What happens after I enroll?

  • After you enroll, you will receive an activation notice to your provided email address.  Once logged in you will be prompted to create a medical profile for you and each of your dependents. When you need an appointment you just log into the patient portal and request the type (medical or counseling) and style (video or telephone) of appointment you want.
  • 5. Does this cover visits to my doctor?

  • This offers unlimited access to care via our virtual care network of medical & behavioral health providers.  This platform does not include visits to your doctor,  ER, urgent care or any visits outside of our telemedicine virtual network. Our members are decreasing their doctor and ER visits by over 33%, saving them money, insurance usage and lots of time.
  • 6. Should I cancel my insurance?

  • No! One of the great benefits of Telemedicine Gurus is having unlimited 24/7 access to care for non emergency medical & behavioral health visits.  In certain circumstances, one of our Telemedicine Providers may recommend that you have an onsite visit if they feel that extra care is needed.We suggest keeping your health insurance for any routine, specialty, emergency, and onsite care which is not included in our virtual care platform.
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*The Telemedicine Gurus Network is not health insurance.
If you are experiencing a medical/behavioral life threatening emergency, please call 911 or go to your closest emergency room.*